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Traditional Mask and Dance

Kolam Dance      

According to the legends, kolam masks and dancing was first performed at the behest of the queen of king Maha Sammata. This was to satisfy the queen’s longing during pregnancy.

God Shakra had seen this with his divine eyes and informed the “Wishwa Karma” cum architect of the gods about this and he had kept a book in the garden of the king including kolam masks and rhythmical wording.

The legends show that, the beginning of the kolam masks and dancing was occurred after the above incident. These kolam dancing reflect about the characters of the people who lived under the feudalism in Sri Lanka , for examples, mudali kolama, Anabera kolama, Jasaya and Lenchina kolama can be shown.

The main feature of the kolam dancing is that every characters acts wearing a mask and the female characters are also performed by males.

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