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Traditional Mask and Dance

History of The Kolam Mask  

Horana, Benthara, Ambalangoda and Mirissa are the areas in Sri Lanka which are famous for kolam masks and dancing.

Tukka Wadu Oinis, grand father of Tukka Wadu gunadasa is the pioneer for kolam mask and dancing group of the Maha – Ambalangoda, which goes back between 250-300 years.

This is Considered to be the first Kolam masks and dancing group in Ambalangoda. For examples we can display the set of the oldest masks belonging to Tukka Wadu lineage which is kept in the National museum of Sri Lanka.

Genealogical table of Maha –Ambalangoda kolam traditional is fallowed.

Tukkawa Wadu Oinies (1800)
Tukka Wadu Pelis (1856 - 1955)
Tukka Wadu Gunadasa (1903 - 1977)
Tukka Wadu Hithaishine Harischndra (Present co- ordinate)

The occasions in which we were praised by the distinguished foreigners.

  • In 1934, poet laureate Rabindranath Thagore arrived to Sri Lanka, and kolam dancing shows to Sri Lanka, and kolam dancing shows were performed as a respect of him at the Rest House in Ambalangoda and were we were praised.
  • In 1953 the queen Elizabeth the seconded arrived to Sri Lanka and dancing were performed and got praised.
  • Dancing shows performed in presence of the prime minister of china, Mr. chau – En-lai and we were appreciated.
  • In 1975, dancing shows were performed in presence of the Hon. Ladies, Ranga wiwekanadan and German lady Berner Hansen, and where were we received prizes.

The occasions in which we were praised locally.

  • In 1949 Kala Guru Tukka Wadu Gunadasa won silver medals for the Kolam dancing at the Art Festival held in Colombo
  • In 1954, Kala Guru Tukka Wadu Gunadasa was conferred a honour class certificate by “ Jathika Kala Peramuna” ( National Art Federation )
  • In 1957, Kala Guru Tukka Wadu Gunadasa won the first place at the Art Exibition held by the ‘ Ruhunu Kalamandalaya’ ( Ruhunu Art Society )
  • In 1985 , Tukka Wadu Hithaishine Harischandra won the first place for ‘ Mudali Kolama ‘ at the Kolam masks and Kolam dancing competition conducted by cultural ministry
  • The second place was won from the competition for making traditional masks
    • K.M. Premadasa
    • T.W Ariyarathna.
    • T.W.Sumanasena.
    • M.H.Somapala.
    • W. Denpala.
    • T.W. H. Harischandra
    were the artists who won the state awards ( kala bhooshana) for the kolam dancing group of master gunadasa
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